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I was thrilled to be asked to take part in a panel of writers at the Bonham, Texas public library.

Thanks to the Celtic Heart Romance Writers for hosting me at a month-long online workshop.

I was honored to be named a Literary Luminary at the annual gala hosted by Excellence in Education for the Richardson Independent School District.

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Twink Harrison dreams of opening a restaurant of her very own in the tiny town of Howard, Texas, the only place she ever felt free of the tyranny of her controlling father.  But she could lose everything if stuffy bank officer, Ethan McCloud, won’t give her a loan. 

Ethan McCloud can’t wait to brush the dust of Howard off his polished wing tips.  He refuses to give himself up to the podunk little town that sucked the life out of his father. A new job awaits in Chicago, but Twink threatens to ruin his perfectly-ordered life.

It might just take a little good luck to bring them together, and part-time psychic Margie McCloud finds it in the bottom of a teacup.  But will she work her spell in time for Ethan and Twink to quit running from who they are and realize their fortunes lie in each other?

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            She turned to him and forced her voice to be as syrupy sweet as possible. “Now, Mr. McCloud, why would I want to do that?”
           “Well, I can’t help but think it has something to do with that restaurant of yours. And, please call me Ethan.”
           She noticed the acid sarcasm in his voice and bristled. “That restaurant, ETHAN, is all I’ve ever wanted. And you tell me that I can’t have it because I don’t have enough DEBT!” She turned back to the counter and began scrubbing again. “That’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard of.  With my credit rating, you should be begging me to take your stupid money.”
           “Well, we would if you wanted a boat or car or something. Something we could repossess if you default.”
          The thought of Ethan McCloud repossessing the boat she didn’t have and would never want made her so furious she had to fight to keep from crying. “Default! Default! How dare you? I’ve never defaulted on anything in my life!”
          The vein bulged on the side of his neck and the muscle in his jaw twitched. “Of course not, you never bought anything on credit!” he shouted.
          That did it. She threw the wet cloth at him. It landed square in his face, then slid down to rest in a soggy lump on top of his pie.
            Her hands flew to cover her gaping mouth. Dinah would kill her!
           Neither one moved for several seconds. Then Ethan took his napkin and slowly dried his face. Icebergs had warmer expressions. Twink couldn’t speak. Or move. She was frozen in café hell.
           Patsy Cline’s plaintive voice wafted out of the old juke box in the corner. CRAZY, I’M CRAZY FOR FEELING SO LONELY. . .  
           Suddenly, the icy cold expression that had frosted Ethan’s handsome features melted.  One corner of his mouth quirked upward for an instant.  He stood up and extended his hand to Twink. “Dance with me.”




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