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We have several workshops available for church groups, lay leaders, and ministers as well as corporations and other organizations that want to improve their environmental stewardship.

Cindy Ubben Causey taught herself to type in the 8th grade because she couldn't write in her diary fast enough in longhand.   A degree in advertising and a career as an advertising copywriter were the result.  A fifteen year stint as a copy chief at JCPenney Catalog qualified her to become Content Development Manager for JCPenney.com and then Internet Marketing Manager.

After 20 years at JCPenney, Cindy retired in December and is now working full time with her husband Scott in their multi-media production company. They specialize in live-event videotaping, audio production, editing and duplication as well as website design and hosting.

Cindy and Scott make their home in Dallas, where they both grew up.  In addition to writing, Cindy enjoys scrapbooking, public speaking on environmental issues and juggling the needs of 4 grown children and 3 aging parents.

In the writing of Cherish The Gift, Cindy drew on 18 years of experience, serving  in virtually every lay position of the medium-size church, from child care to evangelism.

In 1992, on the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, then youth leader, Cindy discovered a complete lack of Christian-based materials concerning the church and the environment. She read and studied and learned all she could, then translated her ideas into projects, lessons, and sermons for her church as well as changes to her life at home. In 1996, the book Cherish the Gift was published by Judson Press.

Today it has resurfaced as churches, pastors, lay leaders and others discover a renewed interest in environmental stewardship.

Cindy is available to speak to churches, Sunday Schools, men's and women's groups, pastor groups, leaders, lay people and youth about these compelling issues.

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